Kids Are Epic

GoPro products are designed specially for those with active lifestyles and want to capture life’s most epic moments. Inspired by my parenting experience, I came up with a self initiated product design that would help parents share these epic moments with their children. The GoPro Tiny Hero is a hardware and software integrated system for GoPro cameras. The Tiny Hero system includes a multi-featured omnidirectional smart mount and application. Their mission is to connect parents with their children and share all the epic moments of life.

I took the concept to a friend and mulled the design over on bar napkins.

High Tech Features

The Tiny Hero app features two different modes that feature tools for each milestone in a child’s life. From monitoring a sleeping infant, to watching them take their first steps, to seeing their first bike ride (from their perspective).

Object recognition technology opens many avenues for the Tiny Hero. The app will be able to recognize your child’s face and activity. This information would then be automatically archived in a timeline and stored permanently in a cloud based database.



Monitor Mode

Go Mode