Custom Auction Platform

CB&I manages energy efficiency projects on behalf of energy utilities and state governments. They needed a platform to host and manage auctions for all interested businesses, so we created a proprietary web-based energy efficiency reverse auction software platform to host live reverse auctions. The online auction platform is self-contained and allows for strict user controls, easy auction set-up with customization, blind bidding, real-time tracking, and a chat interface between the auction administrators and bidders. Auction data is captured and presented in real-time via a clean user interface inclusive of charts / graphs, chat logs and easy to read tables. All data is stored in a secured database where it is available to download in user-friendly reports.

User Scenarios 

I worked closely with a very talented user experience designer to conduct user flow studies and user interviews. I then took his wireframes and built out the entire user interface design. When it came time to develop, I worked closely with developers to make sure the integrity of the design was maintained.